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Why Sultrap™?

Our flagship product, since its inception in 1988, the SulTrap™ has set the standard for sulfur recovery units by replacing old, traditional seal legs.  With over 3,000 units in service worldwide and growing, this is an indication that our SulTrap™ is satisfying the demands of the current sulfur recovery market. Conventional sulfur seal legs tend to plug frequently resulting in excessive down time, hazardous conditions, and frequent sulfur spills.  SOS practices the prevention of environmental hazards by introducing the Sultrap™. The sulfur sealing technology is entirely above ground – eliminating the need for excavating and avoiding hazardous complications that run deep in the ground. So what separates our SulTrap™ from the competition?  We are the original developers of the above-ground sealing system, with 26 years of expertise and experience to perfect the SulTrap™ of today.  

The Sultrap™ can be augmented with Sulview for dependable vision of internals, Pressure Surge Relief Device to provide high volume pressure relief, or the Collection Header to replace sulfur storage pits. 

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